Trench Assault Mod Apk v3.7.9 [All Weapons Unlocked + Gold]

Trench Assault Mod Apk v3.7.9 [All Weapons Unlocked + Gold]
Name Trench Assault Mod Apk
Publisher AMT Games Ltd.
Version v3.7.9
Size 13M
Get it On Google Play
Updated June 28, 2022
MOD Features Free

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All of you who want to dive into the most immersive and intense battles of varied involvement in the gameplay can join the Trench Assault Mod Apk, which offers incredible battles with exponentially powerful characters and the same mighty villains in the enemies form.

Unleash the strategy-based potential against the enemies in the warfares, which gives you access to the most enhanced weaponry and other stuff needed in the wars.

The gameplay got its setup in the world war two scenario, and that’s why we can explore the activities in the medieval world along with the modern sliver of sprinkling. Exciting matches in the Trench Assault Mod Apk will take your hearts and eyes away in the fantastic setup graphics of its gameplay. You can dive into the great wars of unique involvement in PVP or PVE matches.

Also, explore much in the WW2 world outlook and airfares with the modern touch to an extensive level of enhancements for the ever-increasing difficulties in the gameplay.

Trench Assault Mod Apk

Trench Assault Mod Apk
Trench Assault Mod Apk

Trench Assault Mod Apk is one of the best games in the warfares category. Mod means the modified version of the original gameplay, which covers the entire range of the enhancement in the gameplay articles. You can make use of the unlimited supply of money, coins, and points in the gameplay for the upgrading of the items as well as the skills of the characters for even better gameplay. Also, make use of free shopping in the version to purchase classic tools.

We offer multiple unlocks of the levels and premium benefits in the gameplay and also all kinds of enhanced support for the classic flow of the game. We have also integrated the policy of no ads under which all sorts of advertisements are blocked and removed from the gameplay. This version also doesn’t require any rooting for its installation and enables the anti and antivirus properties, thus providing a safe environment for the gameplay.

About Trench Assault Apk

Trench Assault Apk is gameplay got it setups in the world war two outlook for the medieval elements supply. You can enjoy the intense battles of the world war times in the gameplay with a vivid variety of diversified ranges in the weapons category. All the gameplay is designed in the simulation’s most outstanding ultra HD three-dimensional setups to give users a relaxing environment. Multiple characters choose from and fight the battles in the intense wild warfares of various fighting modes.

You will be the commander of a vast army in all forms of bases, which will also create some other defence bases to protect the kingdom and attack the enemies’ grounds with full-fledged availability of advanced cannons, bombs, and weapons. You have to continuously increase the level of the gameplay as it will offer you more units unlocking in your army and skilled soldiers and weaponry to enhance the story of the battle. Use advanced tools like aircraft, cannons, and more to fend off the enemies and destroy their bases. Execute your brilliant tactics to crush the enemies and damage their resources for increased gameplay.

Astonishing Features of the Trench Assault Mod Apk

As we know, the gameplay of the Trench Assault Mod Apk is one of the most enthusiastic ones because of the elements that it offers in the intense warfares setups in the traditional world where various kinds f old technicalities are performed, so we have below discussed some of the features for you to acknowledge;

Classic setup

The Trench Mod Apk finds its set up in the unique world of conventional world war two, where all the elements find the greatest technicalities used at that time in the extensive variables. Various traditional machinery of enhanced attacks is provided to the users.

Trench Assault Mod Apk

Engaging Storyline

Users will completely dive into the astonishingly classic gameplay offered in the Trench Assault Mod App, which offers ultimate battles designed in the setup of world war 2 for the greater enjoyment of the traditional approach.

Trench Assault Mod Apk

Ultimate tools

The Trench Assault Mod Apk offers the users the most advanced modern touch tools of fighting in the gameplay like powerful cannons, aircraft carriers, machinery attacks, and weapons of classic power to fend off the enemies at once.

Trench Assault Mod Apk

Multiple units and soldiers

In the Trench Assault Mod Apk, you are offered the most classic soldiers of varied capacities to deal with the enemies in the units or troops. As the level of the difficulty increases, so the number of the soldiers, units, army, and tools for the combats in the upgraded form to fend the enemies off the ground.

Trench Assault Mod Apk

Unbeatable maps locations

The gameplay of the Trench Assault Mod Apk offers the users the most effectively designed location maps to discover the whole of Europe. On the map, you can find the enemy’s camps, base, and the location of the soldiers to eradicate them.

Trench Assault Mod Apk

Build your base

In the Trench Assault Mod Apk, you need to focus on building your base with ultimate protection from all forms of the army to make it even safe. These bases will help you a lot in the warfares, and you also need to create strategies to destroy the enemy’s base with the help of the soldier’s attacks.

Amazing Graphics

I would personally say that the Trench Assault Mod Apk offers one of the best-designed graphical simulations that we have ever seen in the gaming world with so much of activities reliance on the same. The visuals are just eye-treating in the ultra HD 3d Graphical representation. Every detail seems to be in the ultimate description.

Download & Install of Trench Assault mod Apk

  • Download the Trench Assault mod Apk file from the link given below.
  • Open phone settings, and tap on “Security” or “Privacy” (depending on your device).
  • Locate the option for “Unknown Sources”, and enable this setting. This will allow you to install the Trench Assault mod Apk file from outside of the Google Play store.
  • Finally, open your downloaded file and click it
  • Click on Install & wait some time.
  • Now you can use this app

Tips & Tricks in Trench Assault mod Apk

  • Focus on accuracy: One of the most important aspects of scoring high in Trench Assault mod Apk is to be as accurate as possible. This means taking your time and not rushing through each round, aiming carefully before you fire, and reloading when necessary to avoid wasting ammo.
  • Pay attention to your surroundings: In addition to focusing on accuracy, it’s also important to pay attention to what’s happening around you in each round of the game. For example, if you notice that an enemy is moving into position behind a wall or other cover, try waiting until they make their move before firing at them – this can help you eliminate them more quickly and effectively than if you just blindly shoot at random targets.
  • Use cover wisely: Speaking of using cover, it’s important to use it wisely in Trench Assault mod Apk. This means taking advantage of any available cover to protect yourself from enemy fire but also being mindful of when to move out of cover so you don’t get cornered or trapped.
  • Don’t forget about grenades: Grenades can be extremely useful for taking out groups of enemies, or for flushing out enemies who are hiding behind cover. If you find yourself in a tight spot, don’t hesitate to lob a grenade or two into the fray – just make sure you aim carefully so you don’t accidentally take out one of your teammates!
  • Join a high-scoring team: Finally, one of the best ways to get a high score in Trench Assault mod Apk is to join a team that consistently performs well and racks up points each round. This can help you benefit from their skills and experience, as well as encourage you to work harder to reach your own personal scoring goals. Whether you play solo or with others, keeping these tips in mind will help you score big in Trench Assault mod Apk!


Q. What is the best way to score high in Trench Assault mod Apk?

A. The best way to score high in Trench Assault mod Apk is to focus on accuracy, pay attention to your surroundings, use cover wisely, and don’t forget about grenades. You can also join a high-scoring team to benefit from their skills and experience.

Q. Is it possible to play Trench Assault mod Apk offline?

A. Yes, it is possible to play Trench Assault mod Apk offline. However, you will need to connect to the Internet periodically in order to download updates and access leaderboards.

Q. What are some of the most popular mods for Trench Assault mod Apk?

A. Some of the most popular mods for Trench Assault mod Apk include improved graphics, new weapons and gear, and expanded gameplay features. There are also custom maps available that can add a new level of challenge to the game.


Enjoy and download the Trench Assault mod Apk for the most intense warfares designed in the setups of world war 2; all the respective elements are simulated in the same reality of medieval times for a touch of the truth.

In this modified version, we have enabled the unlimited supply of money, premium benefits, unlocked levels, and free shopping so you can enjoy more of the gameplay without any problem in the flow of the battles.


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