The You Testament Mod Apk v1.09 [Unlimited Power Unlocked]

The You Testament Mod Apk v1.09 [Unlimited Power Unlocked]
Name The You Testament Mod Apk
Publisher MDickie
Version v1.09
Size 37M
Get it On Google Play
Updated December 23, 2022
MOD Features Free

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Are you a fan of the actions game? What if I tell you there’s an action game that I will be introducing to you? Will it excite you? The You Testament Mod Apk is the kind of game you never must’ve played since the storyline and theme of this game is unique.

Now, revealing the most interesting yet unusual part of this gameplay, it’s not your usual shooting or racing game. The theme of this game is biblical. Yes, you got that right! 

The You Testament Mod Apk is a bible themed game with incredibly simple instructions. All you have to do is wander around from one scene to another without getting killed or arrested. 

You will also have to avoid being hungry, or your character will collapse and weep on the ground, beating people. 

The gameplay sounds weirdly fun and if you’re into stuff like that, keep reading till the end to figure out some other aspects of the gameplay.

The You Testament Mod Apk

The You Testament Mod Apk
The You Testament Mod Apk

The You Testament Mod Apk was released in December of the year 2008. This very gameplay was developed and published, both by MDickie. 

It is available on both platforms, Android as well as Microsoft Windows. With a rating of 4.3/5, this game has quite good reviews that mean people are loving it!

This immersive demonstration of the Gospels makes you experience scenes of over 50 stories from the Bible, where you get to choose whether you want to rewrite the history or repeat it by The You Testament Mod Apk.

Witnessing 30 historically interesting locations following the prophet’s footsteps as he looks for masses to enlighten them, 200 characters to find your place from, each with its allegiances and values. 

Be an in-game devil who lures him towards the wrong or betrays him as you walk the slim line between the black and the white! 

You get to use 24 different powers for evil or good, plus unlock the mysteries of creation. This is an action stuffed world where the real struggle is to survive the tests of your faith.

The You Testament Mod Apk 1.09 is the current version of this game that comes with an upgraded, bugs-free version. This unmatched game is free to play from start to end. You can create your character at any point. 

The Key Features of The You Testament Mod Apk

  • 50 Bible Stories
  • 30 Historical Locations
  • 200 Characters to Find Your Place From
  • 24 Different Powers
  • Simple Gameplay
  • Entirely Free to Play 

What’s Inside the Mod [Freemium]

The latest version of this game is a treat, but if you play the mod version, your experience will be double in terms of fun. You will get The You Testament Mod Apk Unlimited Powers Unlocked by installing the mod version.

This way, you can easily survive through the games without getting killed or arrested because if that happens, your character will be deleted, not given a chance. Summing up the mod version you will get.

  • All Characters Unlocked
  • All Powers Unlocked 
  • No Ads

For a better gaming experience!

The Fabulous Features of The You Testament Mod Apk

50 Bible Stories

You will experience about fifty stories from the Bible that will put you in different scenes preventing you from boredom.

The You Testament Mod Apk

30 Historical Locations

The prophet lures you to thirty different locations while he finds masses to enlighten them.

The You Testament Mod Apk

200 Characters to Find Your Place From

You’ll get to choose from two hundred different characters of different values and allegiances, making it a fun experience in The You Testament Mod Apk.

24 Different Powers

Your faith will be tested by choosing 24 different powers to perform the good or the evil. That’s up to you!

Simple Gameplay

The gameplay is extremely simple. All you have to do is walk from one of the scenes to another and avoid getting killed or arrested.

The You Testament Mod Apk

Entirely Free to Play 

This game is a free game from the start until the end, making it more convenient for the players.

The You Testament Mod Apk

Attention-Grabbing Activities

If you don’t feed your character, it will act like a maniac, so make sure to catch edible animals like rabbits, geese, or chickens to kill for food. 

How to Play The You Testament Mod Apk?

The controls of this game are pretty simple and evident. You will see a virtual d-pad on the left-hand side of the screen that will be used to move the character. 

Plus, four action buttons on the right side of the screen are used to make attacks, grab the weapons, catch enemies and block attacks, etc. 

Double-tap on the screen in the direction where you want to run. Explaining the basic keys of The You Testament Mod Apk.

  • D-pad is used to double-tap to run
  • A is used for attack
  • G is used to grapple any button 
  • P is used to pick up or drop off something
  • U is used to using an object
  • P + U is used to combine the objects
  • Click on the eye to make character sleep
  • Click on the meter to pause or exit
  • Click on the book for any bible reference
  • Pinch on the screen to zoom in or out

Pro Tips to Play The You Testament Mod Apk

  • There are hidden hints in the game. Make sure to look out for them by scrolling or within other characters.
  • Set an appropriate population of your game to improve the performance.
  • Make sure your character sleeps so that their health can be recovered. Keep in mind to sleep in someplace higher because the energy bar reduces if you sleep on the ground.

Top 5 Alternatives to The You Testament Mod Apk

  • Popscene
  • Back Wars
  • Weekend Warriors MMA
  • Wrestling Empire
  • Randal’s Monday

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Your Testament Blasphemy?

A. No, the game’s message is too sincere to be accused of blasphemy.

2. Is The You Testament Mod Apk Free?

A. Yes, this game is luckily entirely free.

3. Is This an Online Game?

A. No, it isn’t an online game, and it doesn’t need to be an online game to be fun.


The You Testament Mod Apk is an interesting biblical game with unusual yet fun gameplay and simple controls. This game will drive you back to ancient times and make you experience different stories from the Bible!


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